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Thiers Sommelier

We are pleased to introduce you the Thiers Sommelier, created by Hervé Pannequin, 3rd Best Sommelier of the World 2004.

Manufactured by Florinox since 1996, the Thiers is handcrafted by M.O.F. “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” in knife making. The unique system assists the cork to stay straight, without breaking it, when opening a boIle. The leverage also makes a smooth and easy opening without force on one’s wrist. The tapered screw guarantees a good grip on the dry side of the cork while the smaller part of the screw just pierces the cork without going through and breaking the wet side of it. And its warranty lasts 10 years.

The THIERS is the only knife with its own Appellation regulated by the French Government.

Robert Parker Jr uses it at his home, “News Week” elected it as “The Best Wine Opener on the Market” in 2002 the “Wine Spectator” magazine featured in 1999 its “Unique and Sleek Design”.


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