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Penfolds Lot. 518

Spirited Wine with Baijiu


Curiosity led Penfolds to break the conventions of traditional winemaking from the very beginning; to experiment and innovate in order to create the unforgettable. Lot. 518 Spirited Wine with Baijiu, respects that legacy in true Penfolds style. 

A rich, complex, full-bodied hybrid, as floral and fruity notes of the Baijiu, meet the bold signature style of our Fortified Shiraz.


James Godfrey, Global Fortified and Spirit Winemaker

"This was a natural Process: To revisit the past with a twist and reinvent a wine for today. A creation based on curiosity."

"We have a long history with experimentation of various wine and spirit methods and even different styles. Now we have a home for these innovations, Penfolds Special Bottlings."

A Fortified shiraz with baijiu

Alc/ Vol: 21.5%


Deep, vibrant cherry red with hints of purple at the rim.


Multi-Regional Blend


Two-stage fortification process - with Baijiu as the second spirit addition.


Components of the fortified shiraz spend time in oak before the secondary fortification.  


Aniseed, from the distinctive fortifying spirit, cherry and rich plum fruits from our specially selected shiraz deliver richness, depth, and softness. Perfectly partnering and accentuating the floral, ricey savory notes of Baijiu.  


The palate will surely surprise and enchant! A (very) textural, savory, and balanced acidity from the Baijiu is complemented by the rich fruit flavors of the shiraz to create a warming, elongated and intense palate which continues and continues. The aniseed from the distinctive fortifying spirit comes to the fore, balanced by the savory rich plum, cherry and black fruit characteristics which provide  
a rounded intensity and length.


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